• ZHANG Mingao
  • Mike Poon
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Conrad Li
    Chief Financial Officer and Chief Strategy Officer
  • Winnie Liu
    President and Chief Commercial Officer
  • Pitney Tang
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Richard Wall
    Chief Technical Officer
  • Luis Ayala
    Chief Development Officer
  • Donald Liu
    Deputy Chief Commercial Officer, Greater China
  • Bill Hui
    Group Financial Controller
  • Jon Howey
    Head of Aviation Risk
  • Nigel Goldsworthy
    Group General Counsel
  • James Lin
    Deputy Chief Operating Officer
  • Matt Corley
    Regional Head of Americas
  • Christopher Dennis-Meyer
    Regional Head of Sales & Marketing – EMEA
  • John Leech
    Group Head of Trading, Used Aircraft
  • Qing Fang
    Head of Sales & Marketing, Greater China
  • Sean Farnan
    Senior Vice President - OEM Procurement
  • Richard Luo
    Head of Technical and Asset Management, PRC