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China Aircraft Leasing Group Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with China Construction Bank Shanghai Branch

Hong Kong – 30 June 2015 - China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Limited (“CALC” or the “Group”, stock code: 01848.HK), the largest independent operating aircraft lessor in China, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Construction Bank Shanghai Branch on 29 June 2015 to further strengthen business cooperation and enhance a long-term and stable strategic partnership of both parties, achieving mutually beneficial development.


According to the agreement, China Construction Bank Shanghai Branch agreed to provide RMB 4.4 billion (or equivalent in foreign currency) of intent credit line to CALC. Scope of this credit line of intent include but not limited to fixed asset loans, commercial transferred loans, trade financing, M&A loans, acceptance notes and discount notes, non-financial and financial guarantees. The agreement opens up further financing channel for CALC in support of its domestic and overseas business development with solid financial backup. 


Under the agreement, China Construction Bank Shanghai Branch shall provide CALC with a full range of financial services on favorable terms to CALC to support its business development. On the other hand, CALC shall regard China Construction Bank Shanghai Branch as one of the key finacing banks, and give preference in their financing products and services. 


China Construction Bank Shanghai Branch expressed, “China Construction Bank Shanghai Branch will continue the cooperation with CALC. We will work hand-in-hand with CALC, leveraging their expertise in avaition financing as well as its competitive advantages with Shanghai Free-Trade Zone, to serve the rapid-growing aviation industry in China."


Mr. Barry Mok, CFO of CALC, said, "We express our gratitude to China Construction Bank Shanghai Branch for their strategic support to CALC, as well as their confirmed recognition to our current business model and our future prospect. We are honour to deepening the cooperation with China Construction Bank for mutually beneficial achievements."


China Construction Bank (“CCB”) is one of the five largest state-owned commercial banks. With an extensive customer base, CCB established banking business  relationships with a number of large enterprise groups and leading enterprises of strategic industries for China’s economy. The marketing network of CCB covers  major regions of China, and is extending to the global market. 


CALC is also active in bringing in innovative financing solutions, and in developing diversified financing channels, facilitating clients to improve liquidity, reduce costs and advance risk management. It has entered into strategic cooperation agreements with local and oversea banks. Besides, CALC closed the first ever deal of lease receivables realization in China, demonstrating another showcase in the industry. It then completed similar transactions with a number of insurance companies and financial institutions. The Group is listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in 2014 which demonstrates recognition from the equity market. In 2015, CALC successful obtained ECA guarantee loan that activated the Group’s global business expansion strategy; while the successful issuance of the medium term notes by CALC’s Tianjin subsidiary made CALC the first aircraft lessor to have obtained approval from National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors. 


China Aircraft Leasing is the largest independent operating aircraft lessor in China with a fleet size of 50 aircraft. Combining the conventional aircraft leasing structure with dual-platform taxation arrangement, CALC provides airline customers with comprehensive and competitive leasing solutions. In addition, leveraging its own advantages of information resources in second-hand aircraft market, CALC offers package solutions binding old aircraft disposal with fleet upgrade and consolidation, achieving its mission to be a full value-chain aircraft solution provider. 

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