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CALC receives Outstanding ESG Enterprise Award from Economic Digest

CALC was recognized as an “Outstanding ESG Enterprise” for its innovative business model which offers full value chain aircraft solutions for the aviation industry in "Hong Kong Outstanding Listed Enterprises 2022” hosted by Economic Digest, a long-standing financial weekly in Hong Kong. The judging panel, which comprises of renowned financial professionals, highlighted CALC’s continuous endeavors to enhance its ESG framework and capability, as well as its commitment in achieving sustainable aviation together with other industry participants, in order to create long-term value for the ecosystem.


The judging panel revealed that the traditional economy paradigm has seen overturned when we are transforming into a “New Economy”. Nevertheless, there should be no definite boundary between them, and an outstanding enterprise can always make stride and drive social development amid such transformation. 


CALC has progressively built up its unique business model which covers an aircraft full life cycle in the past 16 years. It has established its footholds around the world as a dedicated Chinese professional aircraft leasing company, enlisted global top 10 aircraft lessors. CALC is now set to contribute to a greener industry with its ESG fleet upgrade solutions.


Founded in 1981, Economic Digest is a Hong Kong magazine focuses on investment and finance, a widely read platform targeting entrepreneurs, bankers, investors, senior management and executives. Economic Digest has been hosting the “Hong Kong Outstanding Listed Enterprises” award series for 18 years since 2004, endorsing outstanding listed companies which excel in areas of corporate vision and mission, financial performance, business achievements, and popularity among investors for the year.


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