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CALC’s MRO platform completes its first A320 C-check

CALC is pleased to announce that its MRO platform - FL ARI Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering Company Ltd (“FL ARI”), has successfully completed a C-check for an Airbus A320 aircraft and delivered it to Spring Airlines for operation. It is FL ARI’s first C-check performed for an airline client, marking a new milestone for the Company.



The C-check entails the coordination of various aspects, such as acquisition of certificates, transfer of aircraft, support of aviation materials and tools, and prevention and control measures of the pandemic. With the joint efforts of the maintenance monitoring team of FL ARI and Spring Airlines, the work was completed professionally on time, showcasing the synergy and efficient cooperation between the teams, and laying a solid foundation for further cooperation between the two parties.




At the beginning of this year, the Harbin base where FL ARI is located was integrated into Harbin Taiping International Airport Flight Zone, which is a key step for CALC’s MRO business to usher in a new stage of development. FL ARI has become one of the few MRO service providers with their own hangars and aprons within the flight zone. The completion of the C-check is not only an important technical indicator of FL ARI’s aircraft maintenance capabilities but also a breakthrough in the expansion of its MRO business.


Aftermarket businesses, such as aircraft MRO, disassembly and recycling, is key to CALC’s business model of green asset management and low-carbon aviation circular economy covering the full life cycle of aircraft. It is the core of the Group’s sustainable development strategy. As the first independent MRO service provider in Northeast China, FL ARI will continue to improve its maintenance capability and service products while maintaining a high degree of close cooperation with CALC Group in servicing the entire aircraft lifecycle so as to develop into a leading MRO company in China.


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