CALC: A full value-chain aircraft solutions provider

CALC is not a traditional aircraft leasing company: we are a full value-chain aircraft solutions provider with a unique operating and revenue model. While others primarily derive their revenues from the leasing and financing of aircraft and earn the spread between their funding costs and leasing yields, we go beyond the traditional business model of purchasing and leasing aircraft by offering our services at every stage of the asset life cycle and capturing the asset value of an aircraft fleet by proactively managing aircraft assets, including their residual value.

  • Aircraft Procurement

    Aircraft Procurement

    CALC sources new and used aircraft from overseas aircraft manufacturers and the international secondary aircraft market. Direct purchase with aircraft OEMs enables us to well manage our aircraft portfolio in terms of aircraft model, aircraft age, and residual value.

  • Aircraft Leasing

    CALC maintains close contacts with its existing airline customers and exploring leasing opportunities with prospective airline customers. Our aircraft leasing business is conducted by way of direct aircraft purchase and lease transactions or aircraft purchase and leaseback, both under long-term leases. We structure the detailed terms of each lease on a case-by-case basis.

    Aircraft Leasing

  • Fleet Upgrade

    Fleet Upgrade

    We offer fleet upgrade of trading in old aircraft while leasing new ones from our order book. Backed by our ability to re-market used aircraft to international secondary aircraft markets, CALC is one of the few lessors in China that offers fleet upgrade to meet increasing airlines' demand for flexible fleet planning.

  • Purchase and Leaseback

    We purchase aircraft or accept the transfer of the relevant purchase commitment from the airline operators and lease the aircraft back to them. The airline operators select the appropriate aircraft, and we provide the leasing services to the airline operators.

    Purchase and Leaseback

  • Aircraft Sales

    Aircraft Sales

    CALC is also engaged in aircraft trading of either aircraft only or aircraft with leased attached when suitable opportunity arises. This is to manage its overall aircraft portfolio in terms of aircraft type, age and mix as well as client portfolio in terms of airline type and geographic presence.

  • Aircraft Recycling

    CALC, via ARI, owns two aircraft recycling bases. One located in Mississippi, US, held under UAM. It has completed over 300 aircraft disassembles that span the spectrum of the commercial aircraft aftermarket. The other base is located in Harbin, China, which is the first large-scale aircraft recycling facility in Asia. With the construction of Phase I completed, the base has an initial handling capacity of 20 aircraft per year.

    Aircraft Recycling

  • Component Sales

    Component Sales

    Through creating logistics partnerships and a global MRO network, we continually position inventory in locations around the planet designed to fulfill any critical component requirements. With over 1 million line items of inventory supporting most aircraft types, our real-time technologies allow you to browse the inventory and ship it anywhere in the world.

  • Aircraft Financing

    Structured finance

    CALC has explored a variety of financing channels, both onshore and offshore, to enhance its ability to create sustainable growth as part of its globalization strategy, including long-term aircraft project financing, PDP financing, syndicated loan, US dollar bond and Medium-term-note, etc.



    Disposal of finance lease receivables

    Through disposal of finance lease receivables, CALC sells the remaining rental receivables to investors such as banks and insurance companies, but retains the ownership of the aircraft. By doing so, CALC reduces substantial market risks on future lease receivables. This will also lower its concentration risk on the related airlines in the short term while allowing CALC to have more capacity to enter into new leases with such airlines in the long run, creating more business opportunities. The consideration received will be partly used to prepay the borrowings in relation to the subject aircraft, thus reducing the Group's gearing pressure. CALC also records profit gain from disposal.


    Aircraft Financing