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CALC's FL ARI Becomes China's First CAAC Accredited Aircraft Disassembler

Hong Kong - 16 October 2019, CALC (the “Group”, SEHK stock code: 01848), a full valuechain aircraft solutions provider for the global aviation industry, is pleased to announce thatthe Group's MRO joint venture company, FL ARI Aircraft Maintenance & EngineeringCompany Ltd, (“FL ARI”) has obtained accreditations for aircraft disassembly from Civil Aviation Administration of China (“CAAC”), making it China's first accredited aircraft disassembler under the CAAC's CCAR 145 Civil Aircraft Maintenance Organization Certific ate Regulations. The new policies on aircraft disassembly spark the development of the industry, and fill the previous void in policy for China's aviation industry.

With the fast development of China's civil aviation industry, the number of retired aircraft continues to increase. The aircraft disassembling business has changed from a passive model of satisfying demand from aircraft retirement, to proactively getting involved in fleet upgrades for airlines that enhance the value of aircraft assets. Therefore, it is certain that the industry will blossom with the now standardized regulations for aircraft retirement, as well as the professional operation of the aircraft recycling. These areas are also expected to be the focus of aviation authorities in China. The CAAC has issued and implemented policies on aircraft disassembl y to guarantee the quality of China's second hand aviation materials produced from disassembly and ensure recognition on both domestic and foreign basis . It also facilitates domestic players foray into the international market through promoting a regulated development of the aircraft disassembly industry.


Winnie Liu, Executive Director, Deputy CEO and CCO of CALC Group said, "We are delighted to see recognition of the outlook of China's aircraft disassembly industry on a national level. CAAC's introduction of the standards and guidelines would definitely facilitate healthy development of the industry. With full recognition from CAAC, FL ARI is honoured to be the first accredited enterprise to conduct aircraft disassembly business. This also represents a strong bond between the aviation community and the government, which is a positive start for the future development of the industry."


As a full value chain aircraft solutions provider, CALC has established the first large scale aircraft recycling facility in Asia. The base has disassembled seven aircraft and has brought improvements to the entire workflow of aircraft disassembly. Leveraging its capability in managing aircraft assets together with a combination of industry and finance, CALC has become the first corporation to provide comprehensive solutions to airlines.


CALC is also pleased to announce FL ARI's partnership with it s first airline client, Okay Airways Co Ltd (“Okay Airways”). FL ARI will provide line maintenance and repair for Okay Airways' flights that stop at Harbin Taiping International Airport, which marks the official launch of CALC's MRO service platform. It also represents the airline company's affirmation of FL ARI's business in terms of maintenance, equipment support, and management process.

As a pioneer in China's civic aviation industry, Okay Airways currently has a fleet of 30 aircraft, with over 100 domestic and international air routes. It operates five bases in China and abroad, with its destinations found across the APAC region and more than six million passengers tranported annually. In order to ensure smooth service, FL ARI invited professional lecturers from Okay Airways to conduct a four-day special training program on their aircraft. Prior to this, FL ARI signed a series of cooperation of all formalities. It also set up a maintenance office in the airport tailored for the relevant air routes, deployed all necessary equipment, and completed staff training and assessment, as well as other comprehensive work to ensure that maintenance and repair works are carried out safely, smoothly and in compliance.

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