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China's Self-developed Regional Jet ARJ21 Was Officially Delivered To Indonesian Carrier TransNusa Under CALC

On December 18, 2022, China's self-developed regional jet ARJ21 with proprietary intellectual property rights was officially delivered to its first overseas customer, Indonesian carrier TransNusa Airline, in Shanghai. This is the first time that China's jet has entered the overseas market. This ARJ21 jet has a 95-seat all-economy class layout, and the passenger seats are made of full leather materials. As a medium-to-short-range turbofan regional airliner with a range of 2,225-3,700 kilometres, it has good high-temperature performance, cross-wind resistance and night flight operability. Nearly 100 ARJ21 jets have been delivered for operations of over 300 routes in China which safely transported more than 5.6 million passengers, verifying the safety and reliability of this jet. Headquartered in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, TransNusa Airline mainly operates domestic and international routes between Indonesia and surrounding areas.


Photo 1: Group photo of the Ceremony of the 1st ARJ21-700  Overseas Delivery


Photo 2: Handover of the Commemorative Key for Delivery. From left to right are Tan Wangeng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of COMAC and Liu Wanting, Executive Director, Deputy CEO and CCO of CALC and Commissioner of TransNusa Airline


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